What box girder design details should I use for ease of fabridation and economy?

 12 recommendations for box girder design:

  1. Inside width 4’ minimum
  2. Inside height 5’ minimum
  3. Corner seams:
  1. Avoid full penetration welds
  1. Always remember confined spaces rules (good ventilation). Refer to OSHA publication #29CFR 1910-146.
  2. Access doors:
  1. Access holes / Manholes in baffles:
  1. In service inspection access:
  1. Do not design four-sided boxes using wide flange sections, since access to the inside is not feasible. However, a box girder may be built using bolted/welded cover plates at the top & bottom flange, with diaphragms as needed. Give due consideration for fatigue category. Please see example.
  2. FCM – only as necessary –identify FCM and tension zones IAW AWS D1.5 Section 12.
  3. Crossframes:
  1. Communications during design

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