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Building Trustworthy Relationships

Since our founding over nine decades ago in a small welding shop, High Steel Structures has focused on building lasting, trustworthy relationships with our customers. 

To meet our customer's needs now and into the future, we are committed to more than simply providing a "low bid."  Providing quality, on-time delivery of our steel, embracing innovation and the latest technology, taking a leadership role in the industry, and investing in workforce development are engrained in our values.

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High Steel History - High Welding Company  photo

Company History

In 1931 Sanford H. High founded the High Welding Company, a small welding shop in Lancaster, PA. An innovator, High successfully championed welding of bridge steel as a superior alternative to riveting during meetings with state highway officials.  

Demand for welded girders increased in the 1950s, prompting updates to facilities and new automated equipment. The company's growth in the 1960s was fueled by the interstate-building boom, and Plant 2 was built.  In 1971, the company's name was changed to High Steel Structures. We acquired our facilities in Williamsport, PA in 1985.  Since the 1990s, we have undergone major facility expansions and expanded our market area well beyond the East Coast. 

Recent Milestones

High Steel has supplied steel for many noteworthy projects in recent years, including the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. BridgeWoodrow Wilson Bridge, Gov. Mario M Cuomo bridge, and the HOT Lanes megaprojects in Northern Virginia

Sanford H. High was inducted into the ARTBA Foundation's Transportation Development Hall of Fame in 2015. Our High Steel University training program debuted in 2018.

In 2022, High Steel Structures' ownership was transferred to the High Foundation, which invests company profits back into the community.

"Lay down a good weld, and give good measure."

High Welding Founder, Sanford High

Fabrication Facilities

State-of-the-art Facilities

High Steel continually expands and updates our facilities to meet customer needs. Our four fabrication plants feature more than 500,000 square feet of enclosed production space and 85 acres of assembly yard. 



  • Building Fabricator
  • Bridge Fabricator - Advanced (Major)
  • Fracture Critical Endorsement
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement P1 - Enclosed

Canadian Welding Bureau:

  • CWB Division 1 certified to CSA Standard W47.1



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Meet our Team

Leadership Team

High Steel President John O'Quinn
John O'Quinn President
Start Date: August 2016
VP Engineering Brad Dillman
Brad Dillman, P.E. VP Engineering and Estimating
Start Date: November 2009
VP Technical Services Ronnie Medlock
Ronnie Medlock, P.E. VP Technical Services
Start Date: August 2006
Rich Truxel VP Sales High Steel
Rich Truxel VP Sales
Start Date: November 2007
Director of  Project Management Ken Glidden
Ken Glidden Director of Project Management
Start Date: June 1986
VP Production Control Melissa McCollough
Melissa McCollough VP Production Control
Start Date: February 2017
VP Operations Rusty Wynegar
Rusty Wynegar VP Operations
Start Date: August 2016

Business Development and Sales

Rich Truxel VP Sales High Steel
Rich Truxel VP Sales
Start Date: November 2008

Phone: (717)207-4303

Business Development Manager Tom Wandzilak
Tom Wandzilak Business Development Manager
Start Date: December 2000

Phone: (717)399-4103

Sales Manager Don Lee
Don Lee Sales Manager
Start Date: November 1988

Phone: (717)293-4091

Sales Manager Dave Buckwalter
Dave Buckwalter Sales Manager
Start Date: January 1971

Phone: (717)293-4068



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