Answers for your toughest design questions

Our most frequently asked questions 

Have a question about bridge steel and don’t know where to turn? We invite you to browse through our list of our most commonly asked questions. If your question is not listed, or if you need more detail, you can submit your own question for a custom reply.

1. What should designers consider when choosing girder flange sizes?

2. Is there a minimum plate size to use for webs and flanges?

3. How can you most economically specify welds in bearing stiffener to flange designs?

4. How should crossframes be detailed for skewed bridges, including those with differential deflection between adjacent girders?

5. What box girder design details should I use for ease of fabridation and economy?

6. What should designers consider in tub girder cross sectional geometry?

7. Are there preferred details for tub girder stiffeners?

8. What economical details are available for girders when safety handrails are required?

9. What can designers do to reduce the costs of painting structural steel?

10. What can designers do to reduce shipping costs for girders?

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