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Greenfield Bridge

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Steel Arch Bridge Built for the Future while Embracing the Past

High Steel fabricated 950 tons of steel for Pittsburgh's new Greenfield Bridge. The award-winning open-spandrel steel deck arch bridge enhances the surrounding community with a modern structure featuring design elements that pay tribute to the area's past.

The bridge is 462’ long, 54’10” wide and features two box arch ribs and a floor system composed of seven stringers and six floor beams. These were erected over one weekend closure, minimizing impacts to the Route 376 Parkway.

High Steel worked closely with the contractor, providing templates ensuring that the anchor bolt pattern and base plate would match perfectly in the field.

The Greenfield Arch Bridge is a wonderful example of both the versatility of steel and a bridge designed with excellent constructability. The arch superstructure preserves the historic nature of the original bridge that it replaced while providing a graceful structural solution that complements the aesthetics of its environment.

Photos Courtesy of HDR

Steel Fabrication

  • Scope Deck Arch Superstructure
  • Steel Members Arch Rib Box Girders, stringers, floor beams


  • 2018 NSBA Prize Bridge Award - Long Span

Project Details

Project Specs

  • Bridge Type: Deck Arch
  • Steel Tonnage: 950 Tons
  • Steel Type: A572/GR50


Project Team

  • Project Owner: City of Pittsburgh
  • Contractor: Mosites Construction Company, Inc.
  • Design Consultant: HDR Inc.
  • Steel Fabricator: High Steel Structures LLC