Building & Industrial Fabrication

A High Steel crane girder is erected.

We take the challenge out of girders

Big jobs can equal big rewards, but sometimes the large girders involved challenge structural steel fabricators’ production lines, using valuable time and raising overhead costs. That is when High Steel can help. With over 85 years’ experience fabricating the largest girders that can be shipped, we can easily take on the challenging fabricated steel components in your job.

Located in Lancaster and Williamsport, PA with easy access to major highways and rail, our four steel fabrication facilities include complete blast and sophisticated paint operations. We offer a comprehensive range of associated services including an in-house engineering group and company-owned shipping fleet.

Our recent success stories include the production of steel framing members for athletic, museum and educational facilities, crane girders for industrial facilities, plate girders for train stations and power plants, and box beams for an airport expansion.

The next time you’re bidding a job with built-up steel components that don't fit your shop, contact us first to discuss how we can work together in a cost-effective manner to make that job a big success.

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