First Aid Team Completes Annual Shop Emergency Training

By Nick Oakes, CSP
High Steel Safety Specialist

In April and May of 2023, High Steel's Lancaster and Williamsport facilities recertified over 30 coworkers in First Aid, CPR, and AED skills in partnership with Lancaster EMS Association, our local emergency response organization.  

To wrap up training for the year, a comprehensive Triage event was held at our Lancaster facilities in May for the team to exercise skills learned during the annual training.  The triage included realistic simulated emergencies throughout the shop.  Using props and makeup, serious injuries were created using volunteer actors placed in various shop areas to portray real-world injuries and scenarios that the responders could encounter. 

Team members put their skills to the test by responding to these simulated emergencies and working through treatment methods learned in class.  Senior team members and EHS representatives assisted as evaluators, observing the simulations and then providing feedback to the first aid team members.  

Holding the annual recertification training with LEMSA and conducting this detailed Triage Event helps to ensure that we have a skilled and practiced team capable of handling injuries, illnesses, and medical emergencies that may arise during work.  Having these types of resources can significantly reduce the severity and extent of injuries, illnesses, or medical emergencies that arise at work due to prompt care being available and provided onsite.  

First aid coverage at HSS includes coworkers in each building across all three shifts to ensure prompt first aid response in the immediate vicinity and that no gaps occur across buildings or shifts.