What can designers do to reduce shipping costs for girders?

High Steel Structures, Inc. provides its own fleet of specialized equipment capable of transporting oversize/overweight structural steel. The ability to transport structural material can be limited by the permitting authorities within the region of delivery. Overall material lengths, widths, depths, and especially weights will have a direct impact on the total freight costs of those deliveries.

Structural members with lengths up to 125’ long, 8’ in depth, up to 12’ in width and weighing up to approximately 40 tons can be delivered economically in most areas. As the overall dimensions increase, the incremental freight costs can dramatically rise if normal permitting limits are exceeded. The maximum allowable shipping dimensions will vary greatly based on the geographical location where the steel is to be delivered. When determining the feasibility of truck delivery, issues such as road conditions, access, bridge analysis, overhead clearances, and turning radius can all impact the decision process.

If you are concerned about shipping challenges for an upcoming project, we invite you to visit High Steel's Shipping Advisor tool, which was created to assist designers with identifying and overcoming possible transportation challenges.

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