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Questions About High Steel?
Have a question about bridge steel and don’t know where to turn? High Steel Structures' staff of experts is ready to help. We invite you to browse through our list of our most commonly asked questions. If your question is not listed, or if you need more detail, you can submit your own question here for a custom reply within three working days.

Questions About Project Pricing?
Need a budget price for your next steel bridge superstructure? Simply fill out our budget pricing form, and your project information will be submitted to our sales department. We’ll review your information and reply to you with a quote within 3 business days. We are always happy to work with you to develop the most cost effective steel design solutions. Need more in-depth information or have specific questions about making steel bridge designs more economical? Visit our Efficient Steel Designs page.

Questions About Shipping?
If you are designing your next bridge, and you want to avoid shipping complications, we can help. We will look over your specifications and alert you to any possible challenges.

High Steel provides its own fleet of specialized equipment capable of transporting oversize / overweight loads. High Steel has shipped structural steel members up to 14' deep, 18' wide, over 160' long and weighing in excess of 100 tons. As you know, each permitted load has its own requirements.

For your girder designs, please complete our shipping advisor form detailing the specifications for the structural members in your design. We will evaluate the information and get back to you within three working days.

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