High Completes Fabrication for New NY Bridge Project, On Time, On Budget, On Specification

High co-workers with commemorative girder

High Completes Fabrication for New NY Bridge Project, On Time, On Budget, On Specification

on August 18, 2017

Celebrates producing steel of “superior fit and finish” for its largest contract ever with painting of last girder

WILLIAMSPORT, PA—High Steel Structures LLC announced that it has completed fabrication of its part of the $3.98 billion New NY Bridge Project, the largest transportation infrastructure design-build project in the U.S. In a ceremony, the company unveiled the last girder, freshly painted in the project’s trademark blue color.

The New NY Bridge Project is building a replacement or the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (formerly the Tappan Zee Bridge) over the Hudson River in New York.

High Steel’s contract to produce more than 50,000 tons of structural steel for half the approach spans to the iconic three-mile bridge is the largest in the company’s history. “With fabrication complete, we are proud to say that we have hit every engineering and delivery milestone with outstanding quality,” said Jeffrey L. Sterner, President and COO of High Industries Inc.

To support the project, High Steel completed an $11.4 million, 30,000-square-foot expansion of its Williamsport facility, installed new state-of-the-art equipment to improve efficiency, and added approximately 200 jobs. The expansion was supported by a $430,000 grant awarded by the Governor and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, and was contingent upon High Steel’s winning the contract to fabricate the bridge. High also fabricated New NY Bridge components at is Lancaster, Pa. facilities.

High held the event at its Williamsport plant before a crowd of guests and co-workers. Speakers included Chris Ray, Executive Director, Business Development, Workforce Development & Continuing Education, Pennsylvania College of Technology; the Honorable Dr. Gabriel Campana, Mayor of Williamsport; Gene Yaw, PA House of Representatives; Ronnie Medlock, Vice President of Technical Services, High Steel Structures; with an introduction by Jeffrey L. Sterner, President and COO, High Industries Inc.

About the New NY Bridge Project

  • High Steel Structures has fabricated more than 50,000 tons of structural steel for the approach spans of the iconic $3.98 billion structure north of New York City.

  • The New NY Bridge Project is America’s largest design-build transportation infrastructure project.

  • Steel plate and shapes to fabricate the project were sourced from US steel mills.

  • This project represents the single largest steel fabrication order High Steel has produced since its founding in 1931.

  • High Steel was awarded the project in late 2013 and began shop drawing production. In 2014, fabrication began across all four of the company’s fabrication plants in Lancaster and Williamsport with the bulk of the tonnage produced in Williamsport.

  • High Steel fabricated more than 32,000 individual pieces in total weighing more than 50,000 tons.

  • The massive girders used on the New NY Bridge are 12’ deep and weigh as much as 120 tons or more.

  • Lined up end to end, the girders fabricated by High Steel would go 13.7 miles, or 72,469.5 feet of girder.

  • High Steel precision-drilled 1,418,968 holes to allow each piece to be safely fit together and secured in place.

  • If laid end to end, all the welds High Steel applied to the steel for the New NY Bridge Project would stretch more than 200 miles from High’s plant in Williamsport, Pa. to the site of the bridge in Tarrytown, N.Y.

  • With fabrication now complete, every engineering and delivery milestone has been met with outstanding quality, on time, and on budget.

  • High Transit shipped more than 1,100 loads for the project, 297 of which were "Superloads" that required police escorts, weighing more than 130 tons and nearly half a football field in length.

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