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The NEXT Beam

A superior alternative to concrete box beams, the NEXT Beam is a new product offered through a partnership between High Steel and High Concrete Group LLC.
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Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge over the Cooper River
Charleston - Mt. Pleasant, SC

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Charleston's landmark Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge over the Cooper River carries with it some impressive statistics that help explain why it was High Steel's largest job ever. In addition to being the largest public works project in South Carolina history, the 3.5-mile, eight-lane span of graceful white steel is also the longest cable-stay bridge in North America.

High Steel delivered on its $58 million contract by fabricating, inspecting, coating and delivering 38,000 tons of steel, a total of 6,194 pieces that included massive 40-ton girders and shark-fin-shaped anchors that hold the bridge's cables in place. High's work on this design-build project began in 2001 and included refinement of the bridge design, a new method for cutting the steel components with extreme accuracy, and some one-of-a-kind fabrication techniques. 

The new bridge replaced two obsolete bridges, the Grace Memorial Bridge and the Pearman Bridge, allowing modern container ships to pass through into the Charleston Harbor, one of the country's largest ports.

The bridge opened to the public a year ahead of schedule on July 16, 2005.