The NEXT Beam

The NEXT Beam ("F" beam design)

A superior alternative to concrete box beams for 30' to 90' spans

The NEXT Beam is a new product offered by the High Bridge Team, a cooperative effort between High Steel Structures LLC and its supplier, High Concrete Group LLC. 

NEXT Beam was developed by PCINE (Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute North East) along with the Departments of Transportation for NY, CT, MA, VT, ME, NH, and RI.

NEXT Beam is a bridge double-tee with a 13” wide tee leg that is much stouter than those used in parking structures, for greater strength and shallower depths.

Designers and project owners will find the NEXT Beam is a superior alternative to traditional concrete box beams, providing improved durability, lower cost, easier inspection and rapid bridge construction.

The NEXT Beam is available in two designs:

• “F” or “Form" Beam - the top flange creates a form for the deck

• “D” or “Deck" Beam – the thick top flange comprises the deck

Section properties:

• Depth – 24” to 36”
• Span range – 30’ to 90’
• Beam width - varies from 8’ to 12’
• Skew - up to 30 degrees with the present standard

For more information:

More information about the NEXT Beam can be found in the Accelerated Bridge Construction section of the Technical Library.

For sales or design questions, please contact Rich Truxel at 717.207.4303. To request a budget price, please fill out the NEXT Beam Project Pricing Form to get the process started.

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